About Us

The Start of Cafe Di Rosati

Cafe Di Rosati is a unique and upscale concept of a lounge. The founder's main idea is to create a unique and one-of-a-kind lounge experience that is enticing to the set target audience. It aims to provide a spectacular journey to all the guests with its five star ambiences, well-curated dishes and the nostalgic mood it offers.

A well-known consultant from Seoul, Korea flew all the way to the UAE to get on board and spearhead with the planning of Cafe Di Rosati. She is a well-sought consultant specializing in cafes and has helped the concept brought to life. She also played a big part in doing the analysis report after her visit to every cafe in the UAE. This research analysis contributed making Cafe Di Rosati as a prestige concept on what it is today.

The concept requires a unique location - a place suitable for a premium cafe lounge in good vicinity. The team did an extensive research to find the most perfect spot, doing multiple site visits on most commercial areas in Abu Dhabi. It takes months until they found a suitable spot in Al Karama Complex, a premium location in the heart of Abu Dhabi that is well-suited for the characteristics of the lounge, however, it is within residential premises.

The team faced major challenges acquiring the area and converting it into a commercial space. The project manager played a huge factor in making the project achievable. The founder believed it was worth it and pursued it.

The construction went for almost two years- flying in designers and suppliers from all over the globe to convert a two residential villa into an ultimately luxuriate hub - a concept that is called Cafe Di Rosati.

The making of the cafe has been tremendous and successful with the help of the team. Along with it, big names of suppliers have played a big factor in completing the look of the cafe. Among the big names of the suppliers are Fendi, Sandalyeci, Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Marina Furniture, Sedar and Theodore Alexander.

Mission & Vision


Cafe Di Rosati is a pleasing lounge in the emirates of Abu Dhabi that provides high standard services, from food to service to total experience of each guest.

The UAE is known for its cutting edge concepts and growing number of business in the Food & Beverage industry. Cafe Di Rosati's main objective is to be known for its royalty features - an ultimate blissful experience that only guests can feel within the vicinity of the lounge.

With the premium features of the cafe, it aims to give a particular mood to its guests through the luxurious atmosphere that only Cafe Di Rosati provides. The magnificent interior, great customer service, well-curated dishes and perfect location - no doubt Cafe Di Rosati provides guests with an ultimate prestige experience.


Cafe Di Rosati and its world class vision aims to expand branches in the UAE and its neighboring countries in the near future. The company foresee to continue by expanding their legendary trademark to the nearby countries and provide a royalty experience remarkable to the Cafe Di Rosati guests.

The front Yard

The beauty of Cafe Di Rosati is visible from the outside. The pergola which is placed on the entrance will instantly capture your attention. Adding to it are the beautifully made one-of-a-kind stones on the wall that is custom made for the cafe. You can also notice a premium wood made of teak all over tea cafe. This kind of wood is very stablehand can last for a long time. It can also withstand any weather.

Upon arriving the front yard, you can see the greeneries and fresh flowers. A fountain is also placed in the front yard. The mist of the flora and fauna is distinct, it invites you to continue walking.

There are several dining seats placed outside. The area is perfect during winter and still enjoyable during evenings of summer.

The Entrance & The Lobby

A divine and dramatic entrance will welcome you upon arriving Cafe Di Rosati. An eye-catching lighted glass runway is stretched towards the main door that leads you to an extraordinarily designed lobby.

While walking along, you will notice the details of the eye catching runway made of black Tarantine wood layered in firestones. This runway shows reflection of nature's beauty and makes it look like as if you are walking on fire.

Inside the cafe, the counter is well-lighted and is accessible to the guests. It showcases a premium Coffee Machine made by Spirit from Norway and is customized for Cafe Di Rosati. On top of the marble counter are the displays of daily fresh baked pastries that can immediately lift your mood with its distinct aroma even from afar.

Adjacent to the counter is a beautiful set of blinking lights that sparkles prominently and adds brightness to the already lit and inviting space.

A well complemented furniture set are also visible to the area. The chair and tables are well-picked with its aesthetically matching colors and elements that accentuate the beautiful place.

The rooftop

The rooftop is one of the go-to spots of the regular guests. It is considered the perfect area for large events where the guests can occupy the entire space to mingle and dance away.

The look and ambience of the rooftop resembles a medieval castle, with the combination of beautiful bricks, stones and modern furnishings. The space can definitely transport anyone to a different era.

The mood is classic and cozy with large cabanas that will welcome guests upon entry to the rooftop. With the golden view of the beautiful city right within you - it is considered a hidden gem spot in Abu Dhabi.

The First Floor

Everyone wants to enjoy and spend time in a polished and well-designed place. Cafe Di Rosati's first floor is dedicated to cater to dine-in guests to feel exactly like royalty.

The design of the first floor is simple but elegant. The colors are well-selected to match the design of what Cafe Di Rosati is portraying. The interior is classic, inspired by French design that gives a more sophisticated touch to the place.

The flooring is made of natural stone cut into specific design to match the prestige concept of Cafe Di Rosati. It is carefully treated to bring out the vintage beauty in it. You can see this signature flooring all over Cafe Di Rosati.

The top of the line furniture complements the neatness of the place. With its French style windows, the space is well-lighted and the furnitures are well-accentuated. The golden strips that are positioned in the middle of the marble stands out and adds to the luxurious feel of the place.


The Backyard is definitely a crowd pleaser. With its welcoming atmosphere and heavenly ambience that resonates to an alfresco vibes.

Upon entry, you can notice an instantly switch of vibes to the area, a more earthy mood in the atmosphere. The Backyard offers a cooler temperature that is set to a certain degree to give the place a misty & greenery setting. The scent of fresh jasmine is prominent to the space and it gives you an impression as if you are entering into paradise.

The wall in the Backyard is iconic with its natural stone embellished on it. These stones are customized and complete the more natural look of the surface.

The roof is custom made of L-Shape wood panels that allows enough amount of natural light to enter the space. The natural light complements the smoky clouds that comes out of the wooden floor. This heavenly vibe is to make the guests feel as if they are in paradise. This particular concept is something that is unique to the UAE and can only be found in Cafe Di Rosati.

The Backyard is a perfect spot for guests who would like to book a private function and entertain guests in a more comfortable and relaxed ambience. It can hold up to 25 guests at a time.